​Representative Cases


  • One case was with the female singer, Jewel, who was being sued by her manager/friend. Jewel and her manager had entered into a contract that provided that the manager would collect a certain amount of commission on work Jewel did and a certain percentage of the revenue on her first four published CD's.

  • Another major entertainment case was when Jennifer Lopez sued her ex-husband, for violating the marital settlement agreement that they had entered into to settle his former lawsuit against her when she fired him as the manager of her Cuban restaurant in Pasadena.

  • Finally, Judge Person also heard a very complex matter while on the trial court that he resolved on a demurrer, The Woods vs. Fox Broadcasting. It related to the interference with contractual relationships, either negligent or intentional. This case dealt with a very large scale sale of intellectual property--kids' television programming from Fox to Disney where the minority shareholders of the company selling the programming complained that they were not adequately compensated because of the majority shareholders' act